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Sharon Comley sells Calmag-C which is in a powdered form, mixed with hot water in becomes a clear liquid with a lemony flavour…..EVERYONE needs Calcium….a lovely warm drink at bedtime. She also sells Efficient Microbes Health Booster which is a Live Probiotic Formula for people and then for Horses, Dogs, Cats, Fish tanks and ponds and Livestock and one for domestic use as well which covers Mould, Septic tanks, Odour control……cat trays, rubbish bins, flies , smelly shoes etc.
What are Efficient Microbes (EM) ?
EM Efficient Microbes is a groundbreaking and completely natural combination of beneficial bacteria that operate to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the body. They are not freeze-dried (as in 99% of probiotics), but are a live blend of highly effective beneficial bacteria that work in unison to help restore the body’s natural balance. The basic groups of microorganisms in EM are lactic acid bacteria (commonly found in youghurt, cheeses),beneficial yeasts (such as those used to make bread and beer) Bifido bacteria (one of the major natural bacteria found in the human digestive tract) and phototrophic bacteria (recognised as one of the most verstile and beneficial bacteria on earth)
Additional EM Data
One of the most important concepts of EM is not the overall number of microorganisms present but the interactive relationship between the different species.
By understanding the basic principles of EM, and the fact that microbes are a key part of every area of the body and its growth, it can be seen that by ensuring healthy and functioning microbial populations, the entire body can be handled on the most basic level there is-at the level of cells.
EM’s uses and reslults have been found to be almost limitless, and reports are coming in daily describing new ways in which EM is helping people with their body problems.
So what Em does for people, it so does for animals as well .

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